Receive Daily Reports and Notifications
on your Cell Phone & PC for Better Field Management

  • Monitors soil, weather, plant conditions and more.
  • Controls water irrigation, even in small acreage plots.
  • Sets Up a low cost wireless technology on your field.
  • Enables easy learning and use.
  • Increase crop yields and quality
  • Reduce water, fertilizer and chemical application costs
  • Respond to frost conditions immediately

The ClimateMinder solution is an economic, complete solution that includes the hardware,
web based software (no need for additional software), installation, training,and world class on-site support

If your field is located in California, you may be eligible for a completely free trial* system for two months.

*We visit you, install the system, show you how to use it, and work with you during the trial period to make sure you benefit from the system. If for any reason, you don't want to continue, we will uninstall and remove the system. 100% guaranteed. No contracts, no down payment, no risk.

Experience first-hand how easy it is to achieve more efficient irrigation for better yields.
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