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Soil profilingSoil Profiling

To maintain crop health and to minimize the costs of water and nutrients, growers need to constantly monitor the concentrations of water and salt at various depths in their fields. Because of the high cost of water, ideally, growers would use just the least amount of water required to maintain a healthy crop. Too little water or too much water can damage crop health, and decrease crop yield and quality.

Automating soil profiling is the answer. Measuring the saturation of water and salt concentration at various depths (which vary depending on the kind of crop), at regular frequent intervals, capturing and charting the trends over time, 24 hours a day every day, with instant alerts whenever conditions warrant, assures the grower that water and salt levels at all depths remain within healthy levels.

Microclimate measurementsMicroclimate measurements

Growers need to keep on top of the weather in their fields. Growers rely on the local weather data such as those produced by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), but the data may well not represent the exact temperature and humidity conditions in their fields. Whether or not it’s raining at the NOAA weather stations, but not in your fields, which may be at higher or lower elevations and experiencing possibly harmful conditions such as frost or too much sun and heat.

Many of the times, there may be separate microclimate zones within one field which may cause significant temperature variations. In addition, different soil types and irrigation zones make it necessary to sample soil conditions at different locations. ClimateMinder enables placement of many sensors throughout the field affordably thanks to its wireless mesh technology.

Disease condition alertsDiseased crop

In fields and greenhouses, there are diseases that are possible in unique combinations of temperature, humidity and light. Just for instance, mildew can form on fruit at a certain tempo and humidity.

Automated monitoring of specific combinations of conditions (temp and humidity) can alert growers to conditions they need to act on.

Advanced greenhouse controlsAdvanced greenhouse controls

More than a wireless monitoring tool, ClimateMinder is an advanced control system. ClimateMinder is used internationally for climate control of hydroponic and traditional greenhouses growing vegetables or flowers. Thanks to its patent pending communication infrastructure, growers can remotely and wirelessly control vents, fans, curtains, heating systems, irrigation and other climate control systems within their greenhouse using ClimateMinder.