ClimateMinder Products
The System

ClimateMinder's battery/solar operated wireless sensors collect real-time soil and environmental data and transmits this data to back-end servers through a cellular network. Users receive text messages or email alerts on their cell phone and/or use the Web site or GrowMobile cell phone application to browse measurements and control alert and control conditions.

The ClimateMinderTM product consists of three parts:

GrowFlexTM – patent-pending software and hardware technology that makes the sensors and controls you put in your field or greenhouse work together seamlessly and flexibility.

GrowMobileTM – a mobile application that provides remote access to, and control of, the system from your mobile handset or PC.

ClimateMinder ServerTM – a secure server that operates the GrowFlex network and connects it with the GrowMobile application.

GrowFlex is a wireless network of sensor and controller nodes, the sensor devices themselves, the relay controls, and the Gateway that communicates with the ClimateMinder Web Server.

  • It’s wireless, so you don’t need to deploy a PC in field facilities or wires between sensor nodes or controller nodes.
  • It’s a self-organizing mesh network that provides maximum deployment flexibility, so you don’t need to manage the network communication.
  • It’s battery or solar-powered, and optimized for low power operation.
  • It connects to the Internet via a wireless data connection from the ClimateMinder gateway node to a major carrier’s GSM cellular data network; just like your mobile phone.
  • Its technology is based on open standards, including IEEE 802.15.4.
Click here to learn about each of nodes, sensors and controllers.

GrowMobile is the application you use for remote access to, and control of, ClimateMinder from wherever you are, with your mobile handset.

  • Its user interface makes your data easy to understand and control.
  • Its powerful alert system communicates both by email and mobile text messages.
  • Its photo interface provides virtual views of the field, sensors and controls.
  • It remains connected and always on alert, pushing live data to the user, regardless of whether you’re logged in.
Click here to learn about the GrowMobile application.

ClimateMinder Server is the secure server where all data resides and operations are controlled.

  • It is the core of ClimateMinder’s intelligence, and enables the system’s flexibility.
  • It provides the browser-based software that runs on your PC or handset and provides provides access and control to the ClimateMinder system.
  • It is reliable, available and backed-up assuring your peace of mind.
  • Its data can be instantly exported to spreadsheets or CSV
  • Whenever the system software is updated, it is done seamlessly, without any interruption of service.