ClimateMinder Products

ClimateMinder has put together a very experienced management and technical team with each member bringing years of experience to the table.

Bulut Ersavas, Founder and CEO

As a native of Istanbul, Turkey, Ersavas brings unique specializations to ClimateMinder’s goals of helping growers from around the world increase yield, improve crop quality and conserve water. Ersavas developed the concept for ClimateMinder while studying for his executive MBA at Koc University in Istanbul. When a classmate began managing a greenhouse construction project and started receiving expensive quotes from automation companies, Ersavas stepped in to develop a more cost-effective solution. He theorized that placing smart wireless sensors in greenhouses and across large farms would be easier to maintain and provide growers with more capabilities...

In 2005, Ersavas founded Kodalfa, Inc., a technology startup that specializes in remote monitoring and control for wireless applications. Kodalfa was recognized as one of the seven most high impact entrepreneurial companies in Turkey by Endeavor in 2008. In 2009, Kodalfa became part of ClimateMinder, where Ersavas continues his work on wireless remote technology in his position as CEO.

His work experience includes working for Sun Microsystems as a Project Manager focusing on web-based applications and identity management, and for IBM as a systems engineer. Bulut Ersavas earned a MS and BS in Electrical Engineering, in addition to a MBA.

Val Babajov, Chairman of the Board

Val Babajov, chief executive officer of Partners 1993 Inc., is an entrepreneur and angel investor with three decades of software development and business management experience.

In 1993, Babajov founded his first US-based software company, WebMessenger, Inc., in his garage. He led the growth of a diverse portfolio of successful software products, including some of the world’s first computer telephony IVR systems; fax-over-Internet applications; the EarJam MP3 digital media player and back-office server; an Internet radio player for the Upside Financial Network; a richly-featured voice-over-IP client; real-time software to help surgeons monitor patients during surgery; and WebMessenger, an enterprise-class, hosted, mobile instant messaging service. Baajov sold WebMessenger, Inc. in 2008.

Leveraging his world-class engineering team, Babajov established another company VoiVoda, Inc. that offers both venture capital and engineering resources to his angel investments—a process he calls IT Venture Engineering—which he considers the best way to promote the success of the tech startups he invests in. One of these investments is ClimateMinder and Babajov dedicates a third of his time to development of U.S. strategic development and worldwide operations of this young startup.

Tom Devol, VP of Sales

For nearly a decade Tom Devol has been a grower focused advocate for using technology in agriculture, working with over 100 operations in Northern California with anywhere from 10 to over 18,000 acres. He applies farm-related experience in irrigation design and technology solutions, with an uncanny ability to understand the tough crop planning, production, irrigation and financial challenges facing growers.

He built his agriculture foundation as an irrigation designer for orchard growers in Northern California. There he found a love for sorting out how to get the most out of the resources we use to grow great crops. The companies he has helped have seen significant improvements in yields, crop health and operating costs.

Prior to joining ClimateMinder, Tom was with PureSense, where he worked as a Sales Manager. In this position he helped growers leverage soil moisture and weather data to drive better profits and yields.

Ted G. Hoffman, Partnership Development Director

Ted has broad experience over the last 16 years in forming and advising domestic and international growth-focused business partnerships for start-ups, mid-size and global companies in technology and other industries. Additionally, he has extensive business experience from managing diverse start-up to international operations.

Semih Pekol, CTO

Prior to joining ClimateMinder, Semih worked as the director of information systems at Turkish Economy Bank (TEB). Semih has extensive experience in online banking and prior experience with telecommunication hardware design and manufacturing (at Nortel/Netas). Semih holds MSc and BSc in Electrical Engineering from Bosphorus (Bogazici) University in Istanbul, Turkey. Semih also actively teaches System Analysis and Design classes at the same university.